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May 20

Very Disappointed


I've been following your YouTube channels for a while now and have enjoyed them. I even subscribed to your new channel for the promised uncensored content. Then, I just paid $2.99 for the "Happy Ending" video and you didn't show anything I haven't seen on YouTube. I really thought you were above posting "CLICKBAIT" videos. Guess I was wrong. I feel like I just "Caught a Cheater", or was it a "Gold Digger" in a blatant money grab! 💸Very disappointing. So much so that I am UNSUBSCRIBING from all of your channels.

! 😢👎

To catch a cheater don't actually catch cheaters. They're all paid actors working in a company.

Cheating is the other name of copying that can be done during any type of examination and the other platform of the story. The blog of disappointment has assignment help for sharing the story of cheating and the cheater as well.


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  • Violent Rapist Luis Mercado, @realluismercado son of Teresa Mercado is a sexual predator using social media to find his victims. This low life is the host of to catch a cheater, a show that degrades women and is a scam. He is telling girls he has a new show he is producing (which is a lie) to manipulate very young girls and setting them up for rape. He is a con artist and is a danger to society. One woman reported in a police report that he beat her and then raped her while telling her she wanted it and if she told anyone he would kill her. Another girl said, “He did things to me that I never want to talk about’ She also stated that “he smelled so awful it made me want to throw up”. He uses social media, Instagram, sexy jobs, and Facebook to lure women to his apartment where he rapes them. This sexual predator with a pedophile like behavior must be put away for life. If you have had similar encounters report him to the police. To catch a cheater is a pathetic show that is FAKE and is staged. They post Craigslist ads seeking models to be on the show. Nothing about the show is real. There is a reason why the producer hides his profiles on social media. One actor who was in the show commented on his profile and stating that Luis Mercado used manipulation to get him to act on the show, gave him a script but when it came time for the cameras to roll the script has changed and he didn’t even get paid. He pays the actors only $50 like slave labor and exploits women in a show that is degrading to women. He teams up with other youtube Z - list actors who are also misogynists sexual predators like Udy from to catch gold digger and their plan is to degrade women. BOYCOTT THESE DEGRADING SHOWS! Luis Mercado is a fake, con artists and scam artist. Nothing about him is real. He has had plastic surgery and is a complete fraud. His Instagram is a fraud and pretends like he is a professional athlete but he is far from it. He uses his rich dad’s money to act like he is successful and to fund these programs where he degrades women and uses his popularity to rape women. There are many many people looking for this low life who has screwed over, raped or manipulated. He will continue to run and hide from what he has done and he will do anything to hide these facts. His home address is 11549 Sky Pointe Dr. Desert Hot Springs 92240.